Answers to your questions

If you have further questions or would like more details, please feel free to contact us. We will guide you to become a successfull Proprietary Trader.

  • Who we are and what we do?

    UCapital is a unique fintech ecosystem of companies in the financial and technology. With a global presence, we represent the gateway into the business world for users around the world. We democratize finance and propose ourselves as a new model of global business banking with a fintech matrix accessible to all.

  • What does prop trading really mean?

    Prop trading is short for proprietary trading, an activity carried out only by regulated institutional entities. Many programs, such as those of ftmo-mff, sell only educational exercises with no real trading opportunities. UCapital, on the other hand, has a prop trading program to recruit top talent into
    its asset management company, offering real careers opportunities.

  • Which are the key differences between UCapital prop and other prop companies?

    Unlike many prop trading companies we aspire to find talented traders. Our goal is to grow traders to work remotely or in our trading rooms in New York, London and Milan and Paris managing real funds.

  • Why should a real trader feel safe with us?

    We are an institutional company with strict supervisory authority controls. Traders are involved in profits and are protected. We manage funds of institutional and professional clients, and the success of traders is in our interest.

  • Which is the reason for the price of the 100 account you offer?

    The 100k challenge includes targeted training support, access to educational sessions, courses on different strategies and Market Intelligence. We offer a comprehensive path for those who are serious about becoming a professional trader, including access to the real markets and the best institutional counterparts.

  • Why do you have such tight rules that are timeless?

    The rules are designed to assess a trader's real skill and his or her management of risk. Unlike other companies, which sell unlimited challenges, we look for the best traders to join our team.

  • Why should I choose UCapital Prop over another prop company?

    We are a regulated asset management company (FCA and CONSOB) that manages institutional and professionals. Our traders are involved in profits, and we don't just sell challenges. We offer a complete path to becoming a professional trader, not just a training exercise.

  • What does it mean to be an asset manager?

    An asset manager manages client funds entrusted to a regulated company. We look for the best traders to be part of our team and manage real funds in real markets. All profits generated are shared with the traders.

  • How does the process work to get the live account?

    After passing the challenge, the trader signs a contract with Ucapital Asset Management. He or she will have access to live accounts with real funds on all markets global. We will certify the track record and initiate placement on our trading floor.

  • Which is the difference between 1:30 leverage and 1:100 leverage?

    Using leverage involves risk and requires proper risk management. We offer a choice between 30 and 100 leverage, with risk management rules flexible to assess a trader's skill.

  • What assures me that I will not be scammed or unpaid with you?

    We are a regulated asset management company subject to strict controls. Our interest is to paying traders, since they are the ones who generate profits for our company.

  • Whose real money would I take under management in the real account?

    Our asset management manages funds of institutional and professional clients. Funds pension, family offices and hedge funds entrust their investments to us. In addition, we have a partnership with one of the largest hedge funds in NY, which has entrusted us with resources of up to half a billion euros.

  • Will I receive a contract with you and what will it attest to?

    Once you pass the challenge, you will sign a contract as a trader of Ucapital Asset Management. You will be able to work remotely or in one of our trading rooms. After a period of live activity, there is an opportunity to be certified as an FCA regulated asset manager.

  • Why are your challenge prices higher than those of other companies?

    Our prices include not only the challenge but also training and technology services comprehensive to become professional traders. We do not compare ourselves with other companies, as our model is unique and revolutionary.

  • How can I be sure that you will not repeat what happened with MyForexFunds?

    We are a regulated institutional company. Unregulated companies advertise challenges with unrealistic profits. Our company has an interest in recruiting the best traders and, being regulated, protects the interests of its traders.

  • Is there a possibility of being hired by you as an official trader at Ucapital24?

    Yes, there is the possibility of being hired in our asset management or one of the group companies, depending on the positions available, either as a sales, analyst or trader. After passing the challenge, we will assess the potential of each individual and position him or her accordingly.

  • Is there any opportunity to work at one of your trading floors?

    Yes, there is an opportunity to work on the trading floors in Milan, London and New York. After you pass the challenge and demonstrate your skills, we will evaluate your integration into our operations teams.

  • Is your program for finding true talent?

    Yes, our program is structured to identify and train the best talents who can create value for our group and themselves.

  • What are the profit targets?

    At UCapital we have two types of Evaluation phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Each one has its profit targets:

    1. Evaluation: the target for this account is 10% in 30 days starting from the account opening.
    2. Evaluation: the target for this account is 8% of the starting balance in 60 days.
  • How do I scale the evaluation phases?

    Once a trader successfully completes the Evaluation Phases, he shall be entitled to access the Live Trading Account, entering the possibility to have a share up to 70% on profits.

  • Are EAs allowed?

    All EAs are allowed with the exception of arbitration ones.
  • Which Broker am I going to open the account with?

    We trust our regulated broker. All trading accounts will be opened with this Broker.
  • Which are the withdrawal methods?

    Live Trading Account stage trader's profits are paid out during the week following the calculation of profits. Profits are calculated during the 1st weekend after the end of the month.

    Traders are paid by Bank Transfer.

  • What is UCapital trading leverage?

    For all our stages, you can choose from 1:30 or 1:100 leverage.

    However, once you achieve the Live Trading Account phase it drops to 1:100.

  • How do I withdraw my profits?

    Profit withdrawal is just one click away. Make sure you're in profit at the end of the month during Live Trading Account stage and send a withdrawal request from your client portal. We'll ensure the fastest disbursement of your share of profit from our end.

    You can use the following to withdraw your profit: Bank Transfer, PayPal.

  • Which is the profit share?

    Once you reach the Live Trading Account stage, whether you have arrived there by passing the Evaluation stages, or whether you have directly purchased the package that starts from the Live Trading Account, you are entitled to receive a profit share up to 70%.

    The Live Trading Account trader can request a withdrawal only once per month.

    The transactions will be processed within 3-5 business days.

  • Which is the maximum daily loss limit?

    The Maximum DAILY drawdown level depends on the Phase you are in. See Rules page to find out more.

  • Which is the maximum overall drawdown and loss?

    The Maximum Overall drawdown level depends on the Phase in which the trader is operating. See Rules page to find out more.

  • Am I responsible for the loss on the account?

    No. UCapital's goal is to make sure you can trade freely. Throughout the 1st Evaluation and 2nd Evaluation stages you are trading on a Demo Trading Account. Even when you start trading on Live Trading Account stage we want to ease your pressure. In fact, we'll take responsibility for any loss.

  • Which trading platforms can I use?

    For the challenge you will operate on Metatrader5 account.

  • Who will pay taxes on my profits?

    You will have to pay your own taxes based on your country's tax policy.

  • Why is overnight trading not allowed?

    Overnight trading involves risks that may not be controlled. We want our our traders to be active during working sessions to access the real markets and generate consistent profits.

  • Why is the profit split so low compared to other prop companies?

    Non-institutional companies advertise high profits but will never pay them. You would be willing to give 90% of your profits to someone else, assuming 100% of the risk? Our profit split structure is fair and reflects a model that is sustainability.